17th Digital Signal Processing Creative Design Contest(Introduction)

17th Digital Signal Processing Creative Design Contest


The Ministry of Education of Taiwan and Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology has been promoting the integration of digital signal processing to forward looking technologies. The aim is to develop solutions that uses various techniques to improve the quality of life for the society. The main goal is to cultivate more R&D talents, and increasing the depth and breadth of academic research. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary teams to participate in the 17th Digital Signal Processing competition which opens internationally this year. The submissions can be under any of the following categories:

1.     Software and Embedded Platform Application

2.     Green Energy and Control Application

3.     Healthcare Application

4.     Artificial Intelligence Digital Signal Processing Application



First Place: Scholarship of NT$ 20,000 and certificates for each member

Second Place: Scholarship of NT$ 10,000 and certificates for each member

Third Place: Scholarship of NT$ 5,000 and certificates for each member

Merit Award: Certificates for each member


According to the Standards of Withholding Rates for Various Incomes of the Republic of China, if the winner is a foreigner and has not resided within the territory of the Republic of China for more than 183 days in a taxable year, he or she shall declare and pay tax in accordance with a withholding rate of 20% for the income from the competition. Individuals who have been residing within the territory of the Republic of China for more than 183 days are required to declare withholding tax at the same rate as Taiwanese residents. The event organizers will deduct taxes before awarding scholarships to the winners.


All participants are required to submit a proposal following the format provided by the organizing committee.


How to register:

Please register at  http://dspcdc.ee.stust.edu.tw/long_en.php

Date of Submission of proposals: February 25, 2022

Results of the preliminary round: March 11, 2022

Final and Awarding Ceremony: March 18, 2022 (Friday)

Judging criteria:

Preliminary round: Scoring of project proposal:

1.     Innovative system planning (40%)

2.     Technical feasibility (30%)

3.     Document integrity (30%)


The top 20 proposals will be invited to join the final round.



1. Novelty and practical design of system planning (30%)

2. Difficulty of adopting technology (20%)

3. Completion, completeness and correctness of the work (20%)

4. System efficiency and works display (20%)

5. Level of participation report (10%)

競賽聯絡窗口: dspcdc99@gmail.com
連絡電話 (06)2533131分機3301 洽詢助理;傳真:(06)3010073
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